Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paul Brant sends good news from Four Oaks, NC

Pastor Joey Yow and several members of the Four Oaks United Methodist Church joined our Four Oaks Hispanic congregation for the Palm Sunday procession from the Elementary School down Main Street (see photo) to the Church last Sunday. On Monday, the Administrative Council, after a very positive evaluation, renewed our covenant and we will have use of the Church sanctuary Sunday afternoons through December, 2008. Thanks to the folks who prayed the Novena of Grace of St Francis Xavier, our patron. We were heard!

In the name of all our members, and in my own, we send Easter greetings and prayers for you all.

Paul Brant, sj

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Traci Downs said...

Hi This a message for Fr Paul Branddt/"Padre Pablo". So great to hear about your ministry in N. Carolina. Hi, Ken and I(Traci Downs) met while travelling with you in Peru through Fordham University 20 years ago! We are still together, active in ministry in our church. I am a pediatrician and travel to Honduras every year and just came back from Guatemala. I would love to contact to speak with you directly about your ministry in NC. If Paul Brandt receives this message he can e-mail me at