Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hispanic Ministry Meeting in Raleigh, NC

On February 20, Father Bill Rickle gave a presentation to priests who are working in Hispanic Ministry of the diocese of Raleigh. He described the work that Jesuits and their colleagues are doing in the area of Hispanic Ministry, widely understood. In collaboration with partners in Central America, Mexico, the US, and Canada Jesuits of the Maryland province are participating in a multidimensional approach to Ministry with and among migrants throughout the hemisphere. This includes pastoral accompaniment, research and education, and advocacy on behalf of the rights of migrants regardless of their legal status. There were some 20 priests present, including father, David Brockman, the vicar general of the diocese. Jesuits present at the meeting were fathers Fran Gillespie, Paul Brant, Bruce Bavinger, and Bob Wiesenbaugh.

After the presentation. There was a lively discussion among the participants Re: questions of the challenges of multicultural parishes, the need to sensitize the public about the opportunities as well as the challenges presented by his new Hispanic presence in North Carolina.

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